Specific period references with an avant-garde inventiveness.


Inspired by the cinema and by different periods of history, we have attempted to imbibe certain references from the wardrobes of certain time periods and locales, as well as from the costume designers of select cinematic journeys, and transpose these onto garments strong on Japanese structuralism and minimalism.

This seeks to respect tradition, and pay homage to, for example, Russian court dressing, or the dress codes of the 50s and 60s in Italian cinema, while allowing for the technology, functionality and beauty of the modern silhouette.


My interest in Imperial Russia primarily springs from a curiosity in the social codes and mores of society in the books of Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Imperial Russia had an imperiousness that seemed captured in their very clothes- indeed, the clothes seemed to have personalities of their own.

In an attempt to transform intangible visualisations of these enchanting garments into reality, I embarked on a sartorial exercise of sorts, in creating a wardrobe that linked this particular period with my own present.


Similarly, the films of Michelangelo Antonioni, situated within the context of Italian Vintage Cinema, feature an actress called Monica Vitti, who was dressed for the majority of her roles in beautifully structured, tailored outfits.

There was a paradox at play, as she was often disturbed in these films, and her expressions hinted at signs of otherwordliness, anxiety, and living in an internal world, often at odds with the architecture and structure of the clothing.

This led me to think of the relationship between the psyche and the wardrobe, and indeed how best to express personality sartorially, but optimally so.


We seek to follow sophisticated sartorial codes, respecting tradition and etiquette, while still allowing for individual expressiveness.

The key drivers of our design process are structure, silhouette and attention to detail.

ThereĀ is a strong architectural element in all of our clothes, and this potentially enhances the sophistication of the wearer's wardrobe- a sophistication that demonstrates a superior choice of material and its subsequent superior tailoring and construction to fit our client perfectly.


Material, tactility, detail, finish, fabric, and the perfect silhouette.

Trends to cede territory to material/design.

Bringing materials to life in social, cultural and artistic contexts.